What does Ilgari mean?

Have you ever wondered what Ilgari means?

I was sitting outside on the grass the other day, and I thought 'I haven't actually shared what Ilgari means...'. So I thought I would share!

So Ilgari for me is a word from Port Lincoln or in South Australia where my pop is from which is the Barngarla people in South Australia.

It means heavens, ether or sky! And I thought that was absolutely beautiful because the products that I design are very dreamy to me.

But that isn't the only meaning of the word for me. My dad is from Norseman, the Ngadju people, and I found out that Ilgari from there means Black Duck.

For those who don't know I have a personal Instagram called Little Black Duck and I thought that was an incredibly fitting name from you know two of my mobs.

I hope that helps shed a little light on what the name means.

Love Abby x 
Owner of Ilgari Designs
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